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Absolutely amazing that CCI does not know that IMR 4895 was the powder that was used in the development of the 7.62 round. Nor must the chuckle heads know that the non corrosive primer used in the 308 round was the FA #34. Which, CCI told me, the CCI #34 meets the requirements of.

It is as Mark Humphreville says in his post” IT DON’T GO BANG:

The ignorance in the firearms industry is amazing.

Of course CCI #34 primers work well in gas guns, the port pressure is appropriate for M1a’s and has to be therefore good for AR-10’s.

I recommend starting out with a load of a 168 Match (SMK, Nosler, Hornady, Speer, etc) and 40.5 grains IMR 4895 LC cases CCI #34 primers OAL LT 2.800” I seat mine around 2.790” because I run the same ammunition in a bolt gun and I want clearance when I stripper clip the stuff in the magazine. Go half a grain at a time till you stop at 41.5 grains IMR 4895. Somewhere between those charges will be a load that you can win the National Championships.

I run 41.0 grains out to 300 yards then bump it up to 41.5 grains at 600 yards.
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