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CCR CP II Electroless Nickel Boron Finish Review



Just wanted to do a review of CCR's CPII electroless nickel boron refininshing process as a lot of folks are buying used guns these days due to market shortages of new models....

-Durable finish. It performs well in salt bath tests and shows wear less than any finish I can think of.
-Affordable. I think the normal price for a slide is around $100 but they have sales from time to time for $75
-Decent turn around time. I have several guns done in this finish and they generally come back within 3-5 weeks.
-Looks great. The finish is even and has a matte silver look to it in person.
-Easy to clean. Carbon wipes right off.

-Not really any I can think of other than the fact that shipping can be expensive if you want to send a complete gun in due to federal laws and UPS/FedEx pricing.

Here's a video showing a couple guns I've had done in action:

CCR CPII HD Video Review Link
Mrgunsngear Youtube Channel
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