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9mm ammo is available in a lot of places in my area at around $ 20 - $ 24 for a box of 50 rds..../ will the price come down, it should, but I really have no idea if it will or not....

but changing to a .40S&W - because there is ammo available temporarily, makes little to no sense to me...especially if you have other 9mm guns now.

If the new gun runs reliably after 100 - 200 rds then make a decision to carry it or not....or carry one of your other 9mm's..../ or go to a .40S&W if you want to - but in the long run, it won't be less expensive to shoot a .40S&W than it is to shoot a 9mm....
and if you can't afford 9mm ammo at $ 24 for a box of 50 rds...then consider reloading...
Personally I choose to carry a 1911 in .45 acp anyway ...and I reload all of my practice ammo none of this buying frenzy nonsense matters much to me..../ I don't get why you want another gun right now at what are often inflated prices right now anyway ....?? ( not that you shouldn't buy it - if its what you want / and pay whatever it takes to practice with it ) just seems like a poor time to get all worked up over a new gun if you can't afford the price of ammo to practice with it - or break it in - or to practice with your other guns.

I like shooting for recreation - and personally, I practice with at least 200 rds a week my carry guns.../ but that's partly why I reload...
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