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It depends on the individual or "crowd"

Some want to get rid of anything that is not a "hunting" firearm. I think most anti gunners fall in this category. I believe this is because they have no sense of history or current world events.

Some want to get rid of all handguns and semi automatic rifles because they believe they are a danger to society and have no place in our "modern" society.

Some want to take EVERYTHING. I personally believe this is the minority but it really does not matter as they are all looking in the wrong direction.

The problem is that they just don't value the right. If they don't value the right they have a hard time understanding how anyone needs it if they don't need or want it. Its this way with many Anti crowds be it gay rights, abortion rights, labor rights, free speech or freedom of the press. If they don't value it no amount of facts or information will sway their opinion.

This will be a fight until the end of humanity I believe and we will have losses and victories. As someone who values freedom in every form possible I believe we are in the right and on the right side of history. Anyone who does not accept freedom even if they don't agree with it needs to take a look at their value system.
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