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Violence Prevention

Not exactly sure this is the place to put this general may have been better but there are several legal issues involved as well. Just something I used as a response to an Anti on facebook thought I might get some feedback from you guys as well.

To prevent violence we need to do a few things

#1 Create a system of equality and a society of inclusion.

Inequality is the number 1 cause of crime. We have a bigger and bigger population fighting over a smaller and smaller piece of the pie. Greed and exclusion from basic needs drives people do do things the would not normally do.

#2 Let all Non-Violent criminals out of prison and get them to work

We waste billions on housing non violent criminals not including the billions that they are not putting into the economy. They can not repay society for their crimes if they are stuck in prison. Increase probation and parole officers to monitor and guide these people. Don't turn them into hardened criminals by spending time in prison. Treat drug addiction rather then putting them in the revolving door from prison to the street. Treat the mentally ill instead of putting them in prison and forgetting about them. This frees up space to house violent criminals that are not getting paroled or probation due to over crowding.

#3 Universal buy/no buy system.

When you get your drivers license, state ID etc a background check is done. You can get a temp license while the background check is being done. Many states do this already for ID theft check. If you have been convicted of Violent crime, adjudicated mentally ill or any other exclusions Your drivers license will be stamped NO BUY. X punishment for selling to an individual with a NO BUY. If you pass the background check you can chose to have OK to buy stamped on your ID or left blank if you have no interest. If you have a NO BUY stamp you will not be allowed in or around <skulking in the parking lot> a gun show. Selling to a "NO BUY" Should be a severe penalty not a slap on the wrist. Heavy fines a loss of gun rights for x amount of time etc.

#4 Universal health care

This is not only a huge money saver but a public safety issue as well. We should not have sick people put in desperate situations to pay bills or jump through hoops to get health care especially mental health care. This goes back to some other points I have made about exclusion and simply housing mentally ill instead of treatment. We have decimated social services. We do not have the personnel treat and follow up with the mentally ill. What many really need is a support system and we have very little in place for them.

#5 Decriminalize drugs and prostitution

I believe we have learned that we cannot legislate morality. Tremendous amounts of violence in this country is centered around the illegal drug trade and human trafficking. Bring both into the light of day treat them as health and human service issues when it comes to drug addiction.

#6 Education

Nuff said

#7 pass the violence against women act

There should also be a national registry for men or women who abuse a spouse or partner just like a sex offender registry. Anyone convicted should not be able to own or posses fire arms. It should be as simple as a google check to see if the guy you are going out with tonight has been convicted of abusing someone!! People can change if they do their prison time, counseling, successfully complete probation etc have some sort of system where they can work their way off the registry on a first offense. Permanent if they do it again.

I'm sure we could come up with more that don't affect the rights of law abiding citizens but place the responsibility on the people who break the rules.

We have real problems and there are real solutions.
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