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I know how to thread, but how do you time a flash suppressor?

On the AR, the bottom of the cage is solid so as to prevent the blast from disturbing the dust. I suppose it helps with recovery for a follow up shot too.

So, how does one ensure that the solid bottom is at 6 o'clock? Just stop rotating it when it's in position? I'm also concerned about threading the barrel excessively.
If you are cutting the threads, you can also cut the barrels shoulder so that there is no crush washer or shims needed.
I do this for customers as a service when they are having me thread a barrel or assemble a rifle.
On 1/2-28 threads, 0.001" of cut gives you 10 degrees of rotation.
When checking by hand as you cut the shoulder, stop about 10-20 degrees short as the muzzle brake will turn another 10-20 degrees when you wrench it on there tight.
I do this stuff for a living if anyone else needs help threading a barrel.
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