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It is awfully hard to make a good nipple-nipple-chin golden triangle shot when the person shooting at you is in a traditional FBI target firing stance and if you do hit it, it will be a glancing shot.
Either I didn't explain it well or you are thinking two-dimensionally. You always shoot for the center of the body, that "golden triangle" is just for explaining it to people, but it is more like a "golden cone". You are actually aiming for the aortic trunk, carotid arteries, jugular veins, trachea, and spine areas. That is all within about a 4"X6" cylinder right under the Adams apple. If the person is standing bladed towards you, you are still aiming to the same point 3-dimensionally, I would aim for the point of the shoulder or base of the neck and have the same effective zone within my sights. In actual practice, I generally aim at the upper lip. If I miss 2" in any direction I am still going to cause havoc with the person's general well-being.
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