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Any thoughts, criticism, feedback - all greatly appreciated.
Here's mine. Haynes was self-incrimination. The guy was a criminal and upon registration he would have been charged as one--not for failing to register, but for his previous crime of illegally owning the weapon, correct?

What happens in July 2014 to a non-registered AW owner? He is committing a felony. If he is caught with this unregistered gun he's in trouble. However, the important question is: What happens in July 2014 if he registers? It's obvious that registering at that point is admittance that up until that day he was a felon, for not having registered his AW, but will there be amnesty for any late-registrations? If so, I am not sure Haynes applies, because the self-incriminating action of registering after the fact will lead to no penalty or charging of a crime. The only exception here would be for other felons (not a felon because of lack of registration, but for other reasons--like owning it while already a convinced felon), like Haynes, in which case perhaps the law is unconstitutional--but only as it applies to felons.
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