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I have an older Remington 700 bdl chambered in 308win(older being from the 70's i believe) Can I use that action to build a target rifle in 7mm wsm? If so what would have to be done? Besides changing the barrel and refacing the bolt.
Opening up the bolt on a 700 can actually be harder than you think.
There are two different extractor designs.
Both are little circular pieces that hide in a recess around the boltface within the bolt "nose".
The old style were retained with a rivet.
The new style are retained by just snapping into a couple cuts.
When you open up the boltface, you remove that area where the extractor goes.
It would be difficult to duplicate the cuts again.

Your best bet is to order a replacement bolt body and handle from PTG for $125 and sell the original bolt.
You can move the original firing pin assembly over to the new bolt.
Then your gunsmith will just have to set the handle in position on the bolt and solder or weld it into place.

If you are gonna have the gun all apart anyways and replace the bolt, that is also the perfect time to true the action.
Since the bolts PTG bolts are made to order, you can order it oversized to remove the excessive play in the receiver.
If you go to a detachable magazine setup, there are 7wsm magazines.
If you stay with your existing stock, you will need to change out the internal box magazine and maybe re-cut the feed lips on the action a little bit.

If you need more advice on such a project, email me through my profile.
I do a lot of this kind of work for local guys in Los Angeles.
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