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In my area ....a couple of the local trap and skeet clubs were using Mossberg and Verona O/U's as rental guns...but they had so many issues with them ( triggers, ejectors breaking, ribs coming off, etc....) that they sold them to a local used gun dealer...and he's trying to sell them for about $300 ...and while you can buy a brand new one for under $ 600...they'll probably sell those guns to someone who doesn't know better....

Both of the clubs that are renting shotguns in my area....have not gone to Browning Lightning series guns ...older models ...used with 250,000 shells or more thru them probably ....but they've had no issues with those guns...

Citori Lightning....list is $ 1,989 but in my area you can buy them new for about $ 1,700 or so ---- and used ones, if you can find one, are around $1,250....

but I was in a buddies used gun shop yesterday - and he didn't have a single Lightning model in stock / and Browning is slow, shipping new guns right now for some reason ??
I'm not a Beretta fan ....but I think their White Onyx is their entry level field gun...probably selling new for around the same price as the Citori Lightning ..although typically, I think the Beretta is less money.
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