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Need Waterproof 9mm ammo.

I need a recommendation for a GOOD waterproof 9mm round. Performance is great, but I need them to be 100% waterproof. I am figuring most NATO rounds would be, but does anyone have any recommendations.

You might be asking why..... Although it is freezing cold right now, I am an avid fisherman in the warmer months here in PA. Me and a buddy of mine who is a former Green Beret chase small mouth all over the place. We often fish the Susquehanna River when it is low. Problem we are running into is increased crime in the area, and we often run in to a lot of homeless people. Some are harmless, others will try to rob you if they can corner you.

Generally speaking I have always just carried a knife due to being soaked from wade fishing, but I fear the issue is getting worse. We wade fish, often times in water up to my chest, or we will even jump in the current to wash down river to a better spot. Also I am a kayak-er, and I would like to take the firearm with me, but I have rolled and flipped my kayak on a few occasions as well.

I picked up a LNIB Glock 19 with 3 mags for $200 recently, and I am in the process of ordering the Maritime spring cups for it. I did not want to drag one of my 1911 or more expensive guns through the abuse of the river.

My concern is... I want to be armed like I normally am.. but chances are the gun will be submerged under water about 70% of the day. I know a Glock is up to the task, but I want to make sure my ammo is as well. I am not an ammunition expert, so I am looking for better in sight.
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