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everyone here has pretty much summed it up but I'll reiterate anyways.
a long time ago in a galaxy far far away...
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The hunting world is in turmoil from a huge influx of military surplus rifles flooding the market following the events of World War II. many shooters were faced with the choice of spending top dollar for a quality hunting rifle or going to their neigborhood SEARS STORE and buying a Springfield, Enfield, Mauser or other rifle for $10 or less.

This low price lead to what many rifle collectors now refer to as THE MILSURP SCOURGE , a dark period of time where many economically minded hunters turned to the dark side and have resorted to modifying their MILSURP rifles to make them lighter and more accurate, destroying valuable pieces of history in the process.

only a handful of stoic rebels who refuse to turn to the dark side remain. waiting for the chance to strike against the BUBBA REGIME...

that is why there is so many sporterized rifles out there and that is why so many chose them over modern sporting rifles, they were just a much cheaper alternative. today however even the lowest shelf walmart special can compete with the best of the milsurp crop and the prices, are similar enough between them and pre sporterized milsurp models that there is just really no advantage at all to buying one other than if you are a collector that wants to spend mucho denero to fix it back up or you just like the mechanics of the older rifles, either way it's aesthetic, not practical. I collect milsurps, 2 have been 'bubbafied' by my hands, I don't lose any sleep over them however.
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