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Our family, from Western Kentucky, fought for the Confederacy. Though they did not believe in slavery, but neither did they appreciate the Union invading the South and they fought under those pretenses, as I was told by my Great Grandfather during a 1980 visit to Trigg County, Kentucky. The family cemetery bears testament to how hard the Union worked to destroy the South.

The Hinson family lived just down the road and were childhood friends of our family. John 'Jack' Hinson was a Confederate sniper who operated in the Devil’s Elbow region of Trigg County and survived the war with 30+ kills. A historical marker stands at that location today.

I cannot speak for them, and if possible, a vote would be best, but you know our Government and you need look no further to see how they treated the American Indian to realize they speak with a forked tongue.

Our Government asked me to do many things that were morally and ethically wrong during my service. My military service caused me great distrust of our administration.

Keep in mind, as you read my responses below, that my wife is Black. The Civil War was not fought to free the salves. It was fought to restore the Union and the resources of the South to the benefit of the Union. Slavery was a 'politically correct' vehicle under which cloak, furthered the Union's agenda. Had the war been solely fought to free the salves, they would have been free when it ended, and alas, they were not. Slaves after the war couldn't vote, couldn't own a gun and were still treated like animals.

If it came down to it, I would rather fight than live in oppression...FWIW
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