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I found that the Sierra GameKing 165-grain HPBT was quite accurate in my '06. My one experience on a deer at very close range could be described as "successful but messy". A Sierra guy who took part in a thread here about their bullets said that their lighter-weight boat-tail bullets in 30-caliber should not be driven at muzzle velocities above (roughly) 2,800 feet per second for close-range hits on Bambi. 150, 165. If the velocity at impact is around 2,700 ft/sec, they won't blow up.

The Federal Premium High-Energy '06 cartridge uses the Sierra 165-grain HPBT. Muzzle velocity of 3,150 from a 26" barrel. Believable: I shot a coyote in the chest with one and it removed a clenched-fist amount of chest. Probably a good load for elk at 200 or 300 yards, maybe more.

The flat-base bullets won't blow up.
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