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Have owned three Taurus guns, two were great, one needed a bit of help ... my first handgun, back 20 years or so, was a steel 85, still have it, still works perfectly ... Also owned a PT-25, also problem-free, sold it ... Still have a 617 which locked up tighter than a drum after 20 or so rounds ... rather than send it to the company, I took it to a local 'smith who opened the cylinder-barrel gap a tad and gave it a lovely trigger job ... has worked perfectly in the three years since, it's now one of my home defense guns ... Taurus makes a lot of guns to a price and not all of them are going to be perfect; that's why you don't holster a brand-new gun without testing it ... but I'm pretty happy with what I've had from them, all in all and certainly would consider one again ...
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