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"Even with those changes there were cautions about changing from Cordite to nitrocellulose..."

Cordite is a nitrocellulose-based propellant, just a very early formulation of it. It used a a pretty high proportion of nitroglycerine mixed with the nitrocellulose.

It's the nitrogylcerine that made it burn so hot. With the nitroglycerine added, it's a double-base propellant.

American double-base propellants, primarily those from Hercules, also had a reputation in the early days of being very hard on barrels.

That was largely due to the much softer steels then in use for firearms.

The US early on concentrated single-base propellants, and eventually settled on the IMR series of powders from Du Pont.

Cordite is as stable as any other kind of nitrocellulose-based gunpowder.
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