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IIRC, the Springfield Armory ones were going for a bit over $1000 a few years ago.

That's priced right in line with the CMP Special Grade rifles (which have new barrels and stocks, but other parts may be reconditioned)- they are basically new condition rifles, but without any expressed warranty.

So you'd probably be talking $1200-1500ish. Mind you, SA apparently didn't make enough on theirs to keep them in production, likely thanks to the large supply of existing USGI and reconditioned USGI rifles. But when that stock of rifles sells out (and the CMP seems to think they have another few years of supply of them) it will be a whole new ball game.

I would have thought that maybe, just maybe, fixed magazine rifles like the Garand and SKS might have a comeback if magazine bans were passed into law and approved by the courts. However, the anti gun folks seem to have decided 10 rounds is too many and seven is about right (for now), so those models by themselves aren't workable for those in states like NY if those bans stand.
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