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Welcome to the forum.

I have been shooting the premium Noslers & Hornady bullets for years. I re-load my own ammo so the consistency of the rounds are probably a lot better than factory.

I have noticed that the premium bullets I have used on deer, tend to do a lot more damage at ranges beyond 100 yards. Most of the shots I have taken on deer under 100 yards are mostly neck shots, so there is no tracking. On occasion when I have taken heart shots at closer ranges, the bullets tend to put a pin hole through the deer, and not much bleeding occurs, therefore making tracking a lot harder. At the closer velocity the premiums are going to fast to operate the way they were intended, but after a little distance, the bullet slows down, and the premium can open up, and does an incredible job, like it is supposed to do.

I shoot .308 exclusively and the velocities are similar to your 30.06 out to 250 yards. My rifle is sighted in at 100 yards, but at 50 yards my POI is about 1 1/2" low. This results in a well placed heart shot, being a little low, if I don't remember to raise my crosshairs a little on closer shots.

I agree with others, if you are going to shoot ranges under 100 yards, then I would go with the good old round nose rounds, that are a lot cheaper to use, and do a really good job on deer at those ranges.
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