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This gun is serial #24xxx. It has grips like your 1922 gun, with the COLT in an oval, not the starburst pattern.

Your gun is in much better shape than mine. I took it apart and cleaned/oiled it with Hoppes #9 and CLP last night. The barrel is a bit pitted, but cleaned up pretty nicely. The left side of the frame and the slide are rusty and pitted. I think I got most of the rust wiped and oiled. Any other suggestions to stop/reverse the rust?

The gun seems to function ok, I haven't shot it, as I need a magazine. It didn't come with one.

My FIL gave it to me, so it didn't cost anything. Just a cool old gun that I would like to get back into service.

I can't post any pictures yet, because my dishnet satellite internet is at my upload limit for the month! (Daughters and smart phones are killing this redneck's internet gun fun!)
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