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Originally Posted by 10851Man View Post
@ mrbatchelor,

That's got nothing to do with my wishing for anything. It would only be decided by the actions of those powers that be...
Well, Lewis Batchelor collected a Confederate retirement, but he isn't reported to have particularly liked the war. And Richard Batchelor was apparently a Loyalist with no record of service but no recorded open opposition to the Revolution. After all, we got the farm from George II, and biting the hand that feeds you is poor form.

So it isn't like my family doesn't have a little connection to some of the fighting. And I'd prefer we vote about it if we can. I didn't vote for the current administration. And I know for a fact that after the revolution my family was rather dividend between Federalist and Anti-Federalists. But we've never not been rabid 2A supporters.
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