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I was a die hard core lokt fan until I lost a large doe from a 10 yard broadside shot. The next day, I found her several hundred yards away with a the same sized entrance and exit wounds right behind the front shoulder. After that, I switched to nosler ballistic tips and have only tracked one deer over 5 yards. I've taken deer from 5 yards out to 150 yards and nearly all were DRT. I'm not a big fan of the SST's, but the one doe I shot with one dropped in her tracks at around 100 yards (I was trying the superformance stuff as it grouped as well as the federal premium nosler tips in my rifle). I wasn't too pleased with the way the bullet came apart though...

This is just my $0.000002 and it probably isn't even worth that. If core lokt works for you, then go for it. If you feel like trying something different, I highly recommend the federal premium nosler ballistic tip loads.
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