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As per a lot of the advice in this thread I've been looking into a .22 for my fist handgun, the Sig Sauer Mosquito is drawing my attention and doens't look like it'll break the bank, especially if I can find it used. I'll take any suggestions people might have for alternatives.

Originally Posted by DaleA
For you in NY an overriding concern might be to get what's hot while the gettings good before the world of restrictions closes in on you. (Note: it is 2/2/2013 and that might already have happened.)
Yeah, about that... The laws have been in effect for a little bit now so getting anything might be a bit of challenge however we're fighting this in court so we'll see. I'm not sure how the whole magazine modification will be handled but hopefully I'll be able to find something out there. Luckily my girl and I were already planning on leaving NY within a couple years so we won't have to deal with this state much longer.
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