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an uncle of mine carried a carbine across Europe. He was a Lt to start, made it to Major by the time they got to the Czech border. First German soldier he killed was with a Carbine.
I have 5 now. Two Inlands (One a 'real' Paratroop model), a RockOla, a Winchester and a Quality Hardware.
I used a Universal for years. Bought that one at JC Penney back in 1970. It worked fine, and gave no problems. My son's GF still has it on her farm.
Recently, I added a rail forend on the Quality Hardware carbine, and mounted a Bushnell Red Dot TRS. Might be the perfect Zombie rifle.
It is a great shooting little rifle, giving me three inch groups, shooting offhand, at 75 yards.
Through the years, I have accumulated a good number of USGI magazines, and 'adequate' amounts of ball and SP ammo. I agree, that the USGI 15 round mags seem to be the most reliable.
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