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Was someone aiming at your face from across the room distance?

People can always come up with arguments to support their already conceived ideas. Myself included. Do what makes you happy, and I hope you never have to be in a situation where it comes to pass.

I find that most of these threads just turn into peeing contests after a few posts. I still let myself get sucked into them
No, no peeing contest here. Not at all. Just sharing ideas and experiences, as it should be.

I got hit from about 30 yards, which is not home defense distance. There's a reason, though, that buckshot has become the standard for home defense. Had I been shot at 30 yards with buckshot, I'd either be dead or facing some serious rehab and reconstructive surgery. With #6, all I had to do was pick 2pellets out of my cheek which were thankfully filtered through a hedgerow from which the other bird hunter shot.

I think this is a valid thread, with good points made by all.
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