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It is interesting to see, even in a thread this short, how many anatomy assumptions and shot placement assumption are made based on direct align front facing opponent positioning.

It is awfully hard to make a good nipple-nipple-chin golden triangle shot when the person shooting at you is in a traditional FBI target firing stance and if you do hit it, it will be a glancing shot.

The more the person rotates from facing you directly, the more the nipple-nipple-chin triangle shot becomes less viable and the more it becomes a periphery shot because placement on that triangle results in poorer and poorer trajectory for the round to pass through the vitals. Shot placement generally should not be to a point or region outside of the body but to a point or volume inside of the body. If you use external landmarks to locate internal landmarks, then you must consider the orientation of the body in your assessments and adjust accordingly. Hitting the vitals inside of the body includes placement, trajectory, and penetration.

I keep going back to this guy. He was shot in lots of places and from lots of directions, but what folks would have expected to happen didn't happen. Relevant here is that he was shot from several different directions, in part, because he was not always directly facing those shooting at him whilst he was still posing a threat.
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