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Shot my brother in law's XDS last fall, and loved it. I had a hard time finding one for myself, but finally scored in January, at a gun store in Alabama. I bought two, the basic black, and one with the stainless slide. I paid $439 for the black one, $499 for the other.
At the range, they both performed well. I have over 300 rounds through them both now. No failures of any kind. They have less 'felt' recoil than some of my large, full size 1911 pistols.
I find them to be very accurate. My best 10 yard, three shot group was 1.25 inches. Worst was 2.5 inches.
I also purchased several of the 7 round magazines. They give a different feel to the pistol, but most of the time, I carry with the 5 round mag, and one up the spout.
I find that I one of them constantly now, my CZ 75D PCR and my Wilson Combat CQB Compact are sitting in the safe.

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