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Originally Posted by Quentin2 View Post
This works both ways. Why not show us how Colt isn't as good as Stag.
I never claimed it isn't, I even said that I've fired plenty of ammo through a Colt in tough conditions and, to be specific - Kuwaiti desert, Jungles of Okinawa and Singapore and the Sierra mountains during winter. Colts are good, I agree.

My whole point is that it's a Ford vs Chevy thing. And trying to convince a guy he "shouldn't trust his life to anything but a Colt" is just as silly and unfounded as telling him he is an idiot for driving a (insert whatever brand auto here).

I'm not saying that the magic chart O' the AR isn't right, the more expensive manufacturers probably hand fit and do more QC. But just like any other weapon, once I've done my own reliability checks (put it through the paces) I'll trust my life to it. You shouldn't be too surprised that my 1911 isn't an Ed Brown (I wish), but I've put it through the paces and trust my families life to it. Same with my inferior yet 100% Stag.

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