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I'm gonna mention two.

One is a Savage pump marked "Model of 1921" that belonged to one of my Grandad's. A 28" full choke, solid ribbed 12 ga. I killed my first gobbler with it. Appearance wise it resembles a MOdel 12 Win, but they are not similar otherwise. It was my hunting shotgun up until age 21. Then it broke, and Taylor's Trading Post scared up some parts to patch it up, with a stern warning about the difficulty in finding same. I decided then an there to retire tho old gal.

I bought a Rem Wingmaster Mag in spring of 1980 and have hunted it ever since. It wears a different barrel than it left the factoy with, in fact, I have 3 barrels for it, 26" full, 26" IC and a 20" threaded slug barrel. Remington screw in chokes were not on the market when I bought this pump.

The slug barrel gets a turkey super full choke tube screwed in every spring, and with its rifle sights and a load of 3" W-W #5 shot is a very dandy turkey gun.
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