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Buying a new pistol- should I look at a new caliber?

OK, so here is my dilema. I have a Beretta px4 full size 9mm pistol on layaway. With 9mm ammo drying up like it has been, I am beginning to consider going to my LGS and see if they have the same weapon in .40, and if they would be willing to let me switch layaway guns.

Reasons for switching: 9mm ammo is drying up around here. I have a few hundred rounds tucked away, but at this rate I don't know when we will see it come back. If I am going to carry this gun, then I need to fire 200-300 rounds before carrying. That would deplete my supply drastically.

Reasons for keeping: I would rather have the 9mm, since I already have 2 other guns in 9mm, and i'd rather not add another caliber. I personally don't see enough benefits in the 40 S&W round to justify adding it when 9mm is available.

Should I look at switching calibers to accomdate the current availability of ammunition, keep using the caliber I am used to and deplete my supply, keep the 9mm caliber but limit "break-in" rounds to 100-150,or some other suggestion?

I'm looking for suggestions from the TFL crew. I am not debating the merits of either round for SD use, since it really doesn't matter, and I don't want this thread closed because people can't help but beat a dead horse.
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