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I appreciate that the right drug taken correctly for the appropriate condition will affect someone's outlook and reduce suicidal tendencies. I will question an absolute guarantee of saved lives - simply because there is no way to quantify it.

Show us the empirical math - non users dying by their own hand, compared to another group of identically diagnosed people happily living out their life. It's going to be difficult, those studies are long term, the drugs haven't been, and it's difficult to compare two separate groups and identify the differences while claiming they are otherwise the same.

I do find it interesting that some who do take medications become highly dependent on them, and will defend the drug vigorously. Then again, there are those who take a drug and regardless of the seriously negative side affects, continue to do so. The use of statins comes to mind - something I refuse to take. That is itself an example of how drugs can work well, or horribly wrong.

Goes to mood altering prescriptions - it doesn't help to hear a voiceover warning about suicidal thoughts when the whole point was to stop the spiral. I've known Viet Vets who were prescribed drugs, and went to their funerals. I for one don't accept a blanket OK for the lot of them. It doesn't help to have lived in a time when one mass shooter after another was reputed to be taking a drug, but the MSM was publicizing it as a gift from the heavens, and even the focus of one's cover story. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I DO understand MONEY.

It's all about the money, just follow it, and you will get answers.
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