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Originally Posted by db4570
It sounds like when you are talking about security you mean primarily someone grabbing the gun, correct? What I'm thinking about more is the gun falling out. For both work and play I do a lot of crouching and bending and climbing and squeezing in and out of cars, etc. I have owned guns for many years, but have never CC'd much, and am gradually getting back into it. I'm still getting used to the feel of the gun pressing against my body at different angles and in different positions. Maybe I'm worrying about a non-issue.
Retention is simply the holster's ability to hold the gun in place. With a proper belt, your gun shouldn't move around at all, and should remain in place, unless by crouching bending and climbing you mean double backflips on a trampoline.

Another possibility, if you want to CC and you are concerned about your active lifestyle might be an ankle rig. They are a little more limited in their applications in terms of gun size, wardrobe, draw speed, etc., but a good ankle holster keeps secure in almost any situation. I especially reccomend them while driving, since it keeps your firearm on both on your person and easily drawn from a seated position.
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