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I went through this last spring, I had a bunch of revolvers but wasn't a really really good shot with any of them. I did a ton of research and finally settled on a 4" Ruger Redhawk in .45 Colt as my one revolver that can do anything I need.

I do live in Alaska. I hunt moose in bear country and fish for salmon in bear country. Top end I can load big enough bullets hot enough to feel good about putting my rifle down long enough to dress a moose. Around town CCW 255gr at 950fps muzzle has been getting it done since 1873. For steel target matches - I shot four last summer - 230gr at 750fps is right in 45ACP territory so I get to play. All with the same one gun.

It is kind of heavy for everyday carry, close to four pounds with a belt, Simply Rugged Pancake and 2 speedloaders. With the Redhawk at 5oclock OWB in the pancake I can do everything but sit in bucket seats, it does fine on the bench seat in my truck.

Feeling I have the Redhawk pretty well mastered, I recently picked up a New Vaquero (also 45Colt) for every day carry.

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