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The above is a link to Stag's parent company. The manufacture parts for nearly every major AR-15 producer... Including Colt. I wonder if the prancing pony quality didn't get in there until after the parts left New Britain?
Or maybe when they hand the parts over from Continental to Stag (right next door) they remove some of the quality?

Seriously, we all know that Mil-Spec is a good thing, but the Pentagon will buy from the lowest bidder who can meet their specifications. Just cause Uncle Sam uses it doesn't mean there is no equal.

I am not bashing Colt, If I could afford more than one AR I'd consider one myself. I just haven't heard anything about the "lesser" manufacturers having a higher failure rate... Aside from third hand "well, the pros say it's so". Lets see some first hand info from these pros. Show me that and I'll be humbled.

Just for giggles I Googled both "Colt AR-15 failures" and "Stag Arms AR-15 failures". Not too surprised that my half hearted unscientific experiment turned up more info on Colt failures... They have been around longer. My point is, it's one thing to make unfounded claims. I'm asking you to show me.

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