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Never used the SST's but ...

only used the SGK's and while the results were a kill, I swore off of them. Made a shot broadside on a deer about 85 yds. The hit was a little high but the deer flopped over backwards and didn't move for perhaps a minute (appeared to be a DRT). Then the animal jumped up and ran about 20 yds before dropping over dead. When cleaning this animal, it appeared as if the bullet had literally exploded inside. What a mess. Now, I had bought that ammo because a gunsmith and very successful hunter I know swears by SGK BTSP bullets. This guy has been to Africa 25-30 times and hunted all over the world. He's an expert, right?

So, the outfitter from S.A. that my friend has hunted with for years is in the U.S. for the SFI convention and I get an opportunity to meet with him (both guys are present) and set up a safari. I got to witness a great face to face debate between these guys about the Sierra bullets vs. Hornady bonded bullets.

It was educational and hilarious. Both agreed that the Sierra bullets are more accurate (very slight difference but still more) but they were exact opposites about which bullet performed better on game. The S.A. outfitter swears by the plain hornady cup & core bullets while the hunter/gunsmith swears by the SGK.

My take on all this: shoot the bullet that you rifle likes best and you find the best results from!
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