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9mm vs. 380 brass

I may have a problem but not sure....

I just bought 1000pcs of .380 brass (once fired, cleaned, resized). As I'm going through the box and checking case lengths, I am noticing quite a few 9mm cases mixed in. Now from what I read, the 9mm and .380 take the same diameter bullet, and from what I have noticed with the 20-30 9mm cases I have found, they are below the .380 max case lenght. Like they have been necked down or something.

Should I be concerned or just load them as I would the rest of the .380 cases since they fall into the parameters of the .380.

Or is there something about a 9mm piece of brass that should be of concern? I am still pretty "green" at this reloading and pride myself in being super super cautious. Thanks!
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