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NY'ers need a permit to buy a handgun. Already fingerprinted,pictured,logged and thorough background check. You can't sell a gun to a non permitted person, well you could but that a huge no no. And if the other person is caught with Your gun, both go to the slammer.
I fear this is where we're headed if we accept universal background checks. The only way to enforce it is with regulation and licensing owners.

There are 270 million guns already out there. If my gun ends up in someone else's hands, how can the police match it to me? Even if it was on a 4473 ten years ago, it could have been sold before the ban. Maybe even loaned out.

I'd bet the media is getting a majority of Americans, even a majority of gun owners to back this bill. But they're really not thinking it through, and the media isn't going to let any message through that doesn't fit that agenda.

These are what what I see as the effects of a UBC law:

Continued incrementalism.

People in trouble for loaning a gun to a friend.

People in trouble for handing down a gun to their children.

Gun owners paying unnecessary fees.

Dealers swamped in unnecessary paperwork.

Criminals still acquiring guns through larceny, fences, or straw sales.

Geez... The more I think about it, the madder I get. How the hell does someone under 18 go hunting? Do you have to transfer the gun? What happens when you forget which guns you did and didn't transfer? What happens if your wife gets pulled over with your carry gun in the glovebox? And even if they force dealers to do transfers for $10 a pop, I'm still going to spend a thousand dollars handing my guns down to my kids. One of the best deals I got on a gun was driving 25 miles to meet someone in the middle and trade guns- that won't happen with UBC.

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