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NY S.A.F.E. Act: SKS Legality?

So I bought an SKS, and while wanting to transfer it, the dealer said he will not be accepting them to transfer as a result of the new laws... I don't want to email him back and act like a know-it-all lawyer, but under the new laws, an SKS technically would not be considered an assault rifle. As far as I know, the only restriction possible on assault weapons would be to have a detachable magazine and one of the "evil" features.

The SKS does not have a detachable mag and it has a bayonet. It's 10 round magazine is also grandfathered, but can only be loaded with 7 rounds, and since there is no technical limitation to the SKS being loaded with less than it's full capacity, it is perfectly simple to load 7+1. There are many people saying that the SKS is now an assault weapon in NYS, but all evidence shows that it, in fact, is not and is exempt from these restrictions.

Do any of you guys know what I can do about this? Thanks...
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