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I use the cheapo from Harbor Freight. It is the one quart model I think. It runs in 3 minute cycles. I clean my BP revolvers in it. I do clean some brass in it at times. About 4 cycles and the brass is clean enough. I then rinse the brass well. The longest part of the whole thing is the brass drying. I put mine on a towell in a produce crate outside in the sun for a day or two.

My tumbler takes about 2 to 3 hours to clean brass most times. I use it to remove case lube from rifle cases most times. I also tumble loaded rounds that I used spray on case lube when sizing. (.45-70 Gov't. and .30 carbine.) Those take about an hour and half to remove the case lube.

For ready right now I use a rag, and denatured alcohol to wipe the cases clean. They are dry in less than 30 minutes. I only do this with small batches of rifle ammo.

Pistol brass that is cruddy from the ground, or range barrel get a couple of hours in the tumbler. After it is clean I load it like it is. Shiney does not shoot better.
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