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I have worked the door at a local gun show, and at those in order to sell a firearm from your table you must have an FFL, just the show rules, we asked people who came in as customers if they were carrying a concealed firearm and if so they had the choice of unloading and allowing us to safe it, usually by installation of a zip tie so it would not function, or return it to their vehicle, again it was the show rules, we put a sticker on guns they wanted to sell/trade and zip tied them also, vendors were required to put a different color sticker on one being sold, no names or serial #'s were taken. We tried to provide a minimum of security and in reality it was the vendors responsibility to keep an eye on their stock. Others I have been to the "paperwork" consisted of me handing them money and them handing me the firearm, I have also filled out many 4473's at gun shows. If a FFL dealer has a particular firearm listed as part of his inventory then it requires a 4473, if it is his personally owned firearm then he can transfer it just like we are in his house. There has been a few semi-local gun shops that were raided for carrying the majority of their firearms as "personal property" and not FFL inventory. At least that was the best explanation I could get from them. As for private sales I know of no way they could do anything more than provide a wild guess as to how many are bought & sold privately. Since there is no paperwork there is no way to know, sort of like guessing how many loads of firewood are sold, so any number given for private sales would be iffy at best.
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