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My wife prefers a Bersa Thunder 9mm SC. Though she is not recoil shy with a handgun. Her true favorite to shoot is my Ruger Blackhawk in .41 Mag. The thing is she shot a lot of my guns. Took the CHL, and used the range gun for qualifying. When her CHL came in she picked the gun she would carry.

I warn you now. If she is interested she will pick it. If she wants to shop for a gun then go with her. Let her pick the one she wants. If you offer to take her shooting, and she wants to try some guns then go for it. Do not try to talk her into trying guns if she is not receptive of it. You will turn her away from them. I have seen countless arguments between husbands/boy friends, and their wives/girl friends start that way.

If she picks one, and you do not like it. Shut up let her pick it. She is the one that will carry it/shoot it. Be happy that she picked one regardless of if it is the company you think makes nothing but trash.
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