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What is the best way to check allignment of barrel/cylinder? it seems the cyclinder turns and the hammer would hit each nipple, but I know that doesn't mean anything as far as allignment of the barrel and cylinder.

Methinks Youthinks too much...

If the bolt drops into the notch in the cylinder and locks it there the alignment is correct. It's not going to have gotten outta the factory with any real deficiencies: They usually get drilling the holes in the cylinder in the right spots correctly. It's not used. It's going to be OK...


Personally... a Walker would not be my first choice for a first BP revolver (taken from the standpoint of my own experiences, which was that I bought a Walker first too). Personally, I'd buy am 1858 Remmy first, so as to not need to deal with the open top frame arbor-tuning issues. After that I would buy an 1861 Navy. After than I'd buy an 1860 Army. Last choices would be the Dragoons, and in those "as a shooter" the Walker would be my last choice. Start with the most refined (IE: "Improved") designs first. They *were* improvements at the time.

Walkers are cool... to handle and to show off and to blast with.
1858 Remingtons are for shooting... easiest C&B pistol to shoot well to start with.
1861 Navy is for holding... nothing feels as nice in the hand.
1860 Army is for looking... to me they are the most handsome of the Colts.

wedge wasn't the problem, the base pin slot was a wee bit undersized and just a light touch on the front let me put my brass punch back in the drawer. That was the only glitch in the hitch.

Yeah... I had a Uberti 1851 with the same thing, and as you say a light touch on the wedge. I just used a stone.



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