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Unclenick, your Pressure Change vs Seating Depth table shows a pressure change per .001" of seating depth for the first .050" off the lands of about 18 to 20 psi. It changed about 900 psi over .050" which pleases me 'cause I've been told that and read that for years the psi change per mil is very, very small. Never seen any "good looking" data to support it until you posted that table. Where'd it come from?

And your line stating:
As you are shooting .308, you might also enjoy this.
is a link to a guy who loads his .308 ammo with the same techniques with an old standard full length sizing die with its neck lapped out; just like I have suggested to folks over the years.

Would you like an attaboy, kudo or some other accoloade for putting up good stuff like Slamfire got? Doesn't matter; they're already on the way......thanks.
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