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Browning and Beretta both give you a lot of gun for the money ...but if a Browning "Fits" you - then the Beretta probably will not. Fit means - it hits where you look ( your eye is the rear sight / so the amount of drop at comb, at heel, length of pull, etc are all critical issues for "Fit").

Personally I like the Citori line much better than anything Beretta makes ...and in your price range, you're probably looking at a used Browning Lightning model between $1,000 - $ 1,250 as their entry level field grade guns...

Its my opinion that the barrel to receiver connection on the Citori is stronger than the Beretta ....and on entry level field grade O/U's I think the resale value is better on the Browning Citori as well. Browing also makes the Cynergy line of O/U's - and they tend to fit more like the Berettas. They are solid guns as well.
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