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I'll jump in here as one of the old fart 1911 lovers, depending on the gunsmith that worked on them, they can be made as accurate as any good/great revolver but...the most accurate guns I have ever shot were all Lugers....a half dozen 9 mm' in both 4" and 6" lengths and a 4" .30 that I still own.

Even with their inverted triangle (barley corn) front sight and V-notch rear, they'll amaze you. Triggers are complicated, but manageable two handed, but they really shine off a rest of some sort. If you ever get the chance, spend a full box of good ammo on one, you'll be amazed. Here' a pic of my 4" 1920 vintage commercial DWM. Off a rest its good all day long for 1" at 25 yds with properly blackened sights.

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