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I like the military approach. Here is you issued weapon. This is what you have to fight with. Learn it.
Sorry to burst a bubble, but this is simply not 100 percent true.

Back in the dark ages, we tried out for the NROTC college pistol team with a Colt Ace. If you made the 10 man team, you still shot the Colt Ace...until the gunny was impressed with consistent groups and him being a lifer made him difficult to impress. If he was impressed, you graduated to one of the High Standards and yep, you guessed it, they definitely “felt” better.

I seem to recall, snipers aren’t using M4 standard issue either. Seems even the military understands different equipment for specific tasks.

Shoot enough stuff and you should be able to figure out what feels right for you; plus why it feels right for you. This is called experience. This is called ergonomics. Can you put in enough trigger time to shoot almost any platform well? I think it’s possible; however, given the same time investment, I think will you shoot the superior ergonomic platform better. My $0.04.
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