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Very upset....

when I found that I had zero tins of #10 caps when I had thought there were four in my storage box. I was getting everything together to go make some smoke when this calamity was discovered. Naturally there are none to be found locally (within a 50 mile radious) nor have I found anyplace online that is not "out of stock". To compound this sorry situation, I'm out of BP cartridges and can not reload anymore until my bullet order comes in, perhaps in another 3-4 weeks. That order was placed 3 weeks ago when I was told the backlog was two weeks to ship! Have only myself to blame for thinking instead of looking to verify my 'on hand', but, damn, I wanted to do some shooting.

Just can not bring myself to blame the politicians and anti-gun folks for all the panic buying that is going on. After all they still have not passed any law or regulation yet that is going to effect me, and I doubt that they will really be able to get something passed that would be anything other than a minor PITA. Registering for the draft was a PITA, renewing my driver's license is a PITA, but I survived. I do blame those that run around claiming the sky is falling and going out and buying up all the guns and ammunition they can find. Personally know someone that now has more ammunition than he will be able to shoot off before he dies of old age. Has bought guns he never has had an interest in before just because he was able to buy some ammo. It would be nice if things got back to normal sooner that everyone seems to predict.

I feel much better for getting that off my mind. Since I cann't shoot guess I will go give my guns their 1000 round anual cleaning (full disassembly, picks and toothbrush).
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