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I think you mean benchrest primers. Benchmark is the Hodgdon powder.

AFAIK all powders burn plenty hot enough to produce tracer ignition. There is some information culled from technical manuals, here. It claims WC844 (H335 is the civilian version) is used in military tracer rounds, as is IMR 8208M (IMR 8208 XBR is the civilian version). This tech manual (Chapter 10, p. 10-7) reports the charges as 28.5 grains and 25.3 grains for WC844 and 8208M, respectively, but this would have been for some particular bulk lots whose burn rates don't match the canister grade for reloading precisely and so can't be trusted as load recipes. Anyway, if I were in your shoes I'd look for some IMR 8208 XBR and start at 23 grains and work up slowly. The fine grain stick powder will be a little easier to ignite and a little warmer for igniting the tracers and will play more nicely with the light bullet than H335 will.
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