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For a suggestion on the scope it would help greatly if you told of the amount you can afford to spend. Scopes can go from you get what you pay for $49.95 cheapo to scopes you would have to take out a loan on your house to afford. Also what it will be used for, and how often it will be used are big factors.

If it is for pure hunting, and maybe the occasional paper punching to confirm sight in. A $200 to $400 dollar scope will fill your needs.

I have bought the cheap scopes that have served their purpouse well. I have a good varmint/target scope on my Savage. I paid $150 or so for it. It has worked quite well. If you do your homework you will find some lower priced scopes that will do everthing a scope costing at least twice that will, just not quite as clear of a picture.
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