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The lubing was premised on using the X-die for sizing to eliminate the need to trim, but it will size the whole case. That's actually a good thing for accuracy if done properly, which is by setting the die up so it narrows the sides of the case while setting the shoulder back just slightly so the cartridge headspaces there instead of on the rim. This tends to let each cartridge self-center the bullet in the chamber neck. A number of benchresters find this produces more accurate ammunition than neck sizing-only will do.

Neck sizing-only can be done on a regular progressive. It may not cause enough growth to matter as long as you keep tracking it and trim as needed. If you are going to neck size in a progressive, look at various bushing type dies for which nitride coated bushings are available and you may be able to eliminate the lubrication step altogether. The Lee Collet Die is a good tool, too, but it depends on the user applying appropriate force to the handle that can cause its position to vary a little with variations in neck wall thickness. It is therefore better in a single stage or turret press than in a progressive where the simultaneously operating stations require the stroke to be complete each time, and not graduated.

One of the issues with .22 Hornet that comes up a lot is the thin case neck and the small case volume make it prone to having the bullet unseated by the primer before the powder burn gets fully underway, thereby causing irregular ignition that affects precision on paper. To limit that, you want the mildest primer you can find. The Remington 6½ was made for this type of application, but the Russian small rifle primers (TulAmmo and Wolf) also seem to be mild and very consistent. The Federal 205 is the next mildest candidate I am aware of.
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