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I use cheaper FMJ ammo for practice till I'm comfortable with the shooting qualities of the pistol, then sight it in using the best quality high performance hollow point that runs at standard operating pressures.
The pistol stays sighted in for the hollow point, any further plinking or practice shooting with FMJ is done using kentucky windage if necessary.

If the FMJ is sufficiently accurate I keep one spare mag loaded with FMJ, the others with HP.

I've found that some recently manufacted FMJ does not penetrate nearly as well as older FMJ loads, and that a wide open point bullet is less likely to glance off auto body metal at an angle ( the tube cutter effect). So penetration performance of the FMJ is no longer a real factor.
On the other hand open point bullets that pick up divots of clothing in the nose cavity are less likely to expand in flesh.
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